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WoodMinder Wireless - Boiler Wood Consumption and Temperature Monitor


The WoodMinder is the perfect accessory for your outside wood boiler. It won't put wood in the boiler for you, but it’s the next best thing!

pdf iconWoodMinder Brochure
  • Easy To Install & Operate
  • Three System Configurations
  • Improves Safety
  • Added Convenience
  • Peace of Mind
  • Increased Economy
  • Vacation Mode
  • User Adjustable
  • Functional Design
  • Handcrafted Solid Oak Case
  • Made In USA


  • Wood Consumption Indicator – The WoodMinder displays how much wood is left in the wood boiler in 25% increments. Full – 75% – 50% – 25% – Low. A switchable audible alarm activates when the wood level reaches a Low level.
  • Vacation Mode – Vacation mode allows you to fill the wood boiler before leaving for an extended period of time. This feature eliminates the pumps and Forced Air Draft Fan from running unnecessarily after the wood is burned out.
  • Temperature Display - The WoodMinder displays the boiler water temperature on a ¾” LED display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Forced Air Draft Fan Status - The WoodMinder displays the cycle status of the Wood Boiler Damper Fan.
  • Gas Valve Relay & Status - The WoodMinder eliminates the need to purchase a Gas Valve Control Aquastat. The kit comes with a Gas Valve Relay that performs the same function as an Aquastat. The Base Unit displays the ON/OFF status of the Gas Valve Relay.
  • High Temperature Alarm - The WoodMinder let's you know if your wood boiler is approaching a dangerously high temperature. The visual and audible alarm is preset at 200 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Wood Boiler Power Switch - The WoodMinder allows you to manually turn the power On and Off to your wood boiler from the convenience of your home and force the gas furnace to take over.

Wood Boiler Temperature Usage Status Display

Wood Fill Status LEDs provide a visual indication of how much wood is remaining in your boiler. Wood consumption is based on accumulated fan run time.

Wood Boiler Wood Consumption Indicator LEDs

Wood Boiler Wood Consumption, Status, Alarm

Three System Configurations — The WoodMinder is simple to operate and comes in three easy to install system configurations to suit your particular Boiler installation. The Wireless systems will typically work with a Wood Boiler installed up to 100’ from your house. An extended version (up to 500’) is being developed for installations later this year.

  1. Original Wired System requires wiring between the Base Unit, Wood Boiler and the furnace in the house.
  2. Wireless Two Node System is typically used for new Wood Boiler installations where a small low voltage wire can be installed with the buried piping in the trench between the Wood Boiler and the furnace in the house.
  3. Wireless Three Node System is typically used for existing Wood Boiler installations and/or where it is not practical to install the small low voltage wire between the Wood Boiler and the furnace in the house.