Together, we restore biodiversity and perpetuate endangered heritage seeds.

Corporate monoculture and patented, genetically engineered seeds cause dangerous loss of food biodiversity. Combined with the severe displacement of farmland caused by war, development, and environmental devastation, the continued existence of Roughwood Seed Collection is critically important.

Now, the urgency to preserve our seeds grows as even greater threats to sustainability loom while the double-whammy of climate change denial and corporate deregulation takes office in Washington.

Biodiversity is humanity’s safety net.

The Roughwood Seed Collection was started in 1932 by my grandfather and, under my care, has grown to become world-renowned for preserving exceptional culinary and culturally significant food plants. I carefully select seeds for flavor, resilience, and nutritional value. Even as the Collection expands, every seed’s cultural story is meticulously documented. Over the decades, unique seeds from Pennsylvania rural and urban families, Native American tribes, Syrians, Cypriots, and myriad other cultures’ food staples have been given to Roughwood to preserve.

But we need your help to ensure the Collection’s continued preservation for future generations.

You already know how unique the Roughwood Seed Collection is:

– a living seed archive of over 4000 rare kitchen-garden heirloom food plants;

– the oldest continuous collection of its kind to regard seeds as cultural artifacts;

– available to the public for study or growing.

Every year, we carefully manage grow-out, processing, and storage to maintain our seeds’ integrity and viability. As the Seed Collection continues to accept greater responsibility for preserving public access to heritage food – and as the need for this service grows increasingly urgent – it is essential to upgrade our capacity and reliability.

Your donation to the Roughwood Seed Collection is fully tax deductible) will help:

  • maintain the nutrient balance of our soil;
  • repair our greenhouse;
  • pay our growers the modest salaries budgeted;
  • improve our seed storage and volunteer facilities.

Roughwood seeds ensure that anyone can grow real food, now and into the future.

Thank you,

William Woys Weaver, PhD

Founder and Curator


If you prefer, you may mail your check to the address below. Again, thank you!

Roughwood Seed Collection

P.O. Box 75

Devon PA  19333




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